Another Revelation of my Inner Geek

Every so often, something happens to you which reinforces your perception of yourself in the world.  I had one of those moments last week…

I’m the proud owner of a new Blu-ray player (that doesn’t make me a geek, although it does perhaps pave the way in this case).  Although DVDs still work in Blu-ray players, you want to put the thing to its fullest use – you want to buy some Blu-ray discs.  They don’t come cheap (if you buy the latest releases).  However, I came upon a good deal, the Matrix trilogy for the price of one.  Not bad, I thought, plus the OTT special effects and bullet time should be ideally suited for high definition viewing (as opposed to romantic comedies – do you really want to gaze deeply into Matthew McConaughey’s pores?).

My choice of purchase does not single me out as a geek – although some would argue it might.  What did was my reaction to a scene in the second Matrix film.  Let me set the scene: Neo (messiah to the Humans struggling to fight the Machines) attempts to destroy the Matrix which imprisons millions of Humans.  His success depends on the destruction of a power plant (and its backup facility).  Neo’s comrades ably assist, but fail to destroy the backup facility, prompting Trinity to enter the Matrix and disable it herself.

Now watch carefully…how does she perform this feat? Some ridiculous pyrotechnics? Some crazy kung fu action? Almost.  Her kung fu is a little more subtle.  I didn’t notice this until I saw it in HD.

She uses SSH! And she signs in as root.  The little flurry of joy I felt as I realised this gave rise to a simultaneous understanding that I am indeed a nerd.  And I’m OK with that.


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