It has occurred to me that most of my posts are following the “opinion forming” route rather than the “planet forming” route.  I hope you’re enjoying my sporadic rantings via interwebz, but I feel duty bound to be more of an educator than a commentator.  So, I’ll try to put the soap box away for the time being.

On a more positive note (sort of), I’m coming near to the end of my PhD.  In the UK, this means that I will be submitting a thesis of my work, essentially a detailed summary of the last three years of my life.  When it’s done, it will be several hundred pages long, and thick enough to be leather-bound.

Don’t worry, I’ll not be serialising it on the blog (I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone!).  What I will be doing is a layman’s version.  As part of the thesis writing process, I’ll need to provide an introduction to the field of planet formation.  I’ll be taking the opportunity to translate the astrophysicsese for you, and giving you as best a summary as I can.

So, you can all look forward to a series of posts, bringing you up to speed with the latest in planet formation.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Ahem…

  1. Excellent! 🙂 I remember Berian promised a post on each chapter of his thesis, and I was quite looking forward to it but it’s still to happen.

    (B., are you reading? will public shame work?)

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