Call me Doctor!

So finally, I have officially finished my PhD! All that remains for me is to graduate and to admire my hardbound thesis (above).   In time, those who are suckers for punishment will be able to download a PDF of the thesis from my website (yeah, I know).

Having spent the last three years of my life researching and writing the above 281 page document (alongside my colleagues), I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and from others, and I’m feeling the need to dispense advice.  So, I’ll be doing a series of posts about my postgraduate experience, in chronological order.  I know that I won’t always have practised what I’m preaching, but I hope it’s of use to you.

To quote Frank Lloyd Wright:

A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.

And I’ve just advertised myself on the Web, the last bastion of permanence and scourge of the burier – damn.  I’ll just have to quietly enjoy my vanity publishing and hope no-one highlights the typos.


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