Travelogue – Evanston/Chicago

As you may know, I’ve been out of the office for the last week or so.  I’m in Boulder right now, but I made a stop along the way in Evanston, Illinois.  A great chance to visit my brother, and do some very minor work-related things along the way.No, he doesn’t live here.  He’s three years my senior (i.e. well beyond the frat-house), and a chemistry postdoc at Northwestern (hence the locale).  I just took this picture while I was on campus (not quite National Lampoon, but still nice).  We had a pretty action-packed few days – a bumper visit to the Uni campus to give a seminar (accompanied by a marathon meet-the-staff day); a considerably boozier meet-the-chemistry-staff evening (local beers were sampled, all hail microbrewing), and a visit to Chicago.

It might not have been the best day for two Scots to wander the streets (33C + 90% humidity did a number on our collective IQ and general demeanour), but we saw plenty.  The weather finally broke about 3.30pm in a huge storm (I never saw it, being deep in more work-related stuff at the time).  Good thing the weather did break, as we had tickets to see the White Sox later, and the storm cleared the air just enough that 3 hours outside was bearable.  Watching the pitching wasn’t quite so bearable – even the diehard Sox fans were booing their own pitcher by the second inning.  You can only throw to second base so many times before making a pitch, and I’m sure it’s less than 4.

My last experience of Chicago was a Ghanian taxi driver telling me about the Scottish connection in Ghana.  It seems that there was a second Last King of Scotland, a penultimate King if you will – but that’s another story.


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