Young Academy of Scotland Launches “Research the Headlines”

Just a quick note to both of my readers that I now blog in more than one place…


I’m an elected member of The Royal Society of Edinburgh‘s Young Academy of Scotland, a unique collection of scientists, artists, researchers, business leaders and civil servants, working to foster creativity, forge new connections and ultimately influence policy in Scotland.  As part of their working group on Media Relations, I am helping to run a new blog addressing how research is portrayed in the media.  Sometimes, a story appears in the news that doesn’t quite reflect what the researchers did or said, or a story grows legs and becomes horribly distorted as it’s passed around social networks.  As an organisation full of Scotland’s best and brightest in a variety of disciplines, the RSE YAS is ideally placed to educate and inform the public about the truth behind the presses.

If you want to know more, come visit us at, or follow @ResTheHeadlines (you can find us on facebook and Google+ as well).  Our team of bloggers will be updating the site several times a week with stories that catch our eye, but we want to hear from you too! If you have a news story that you want to know more about (did scientists really implant a false memory in a mouse brain?) or you just want to engage with Scotland’s creme de la creme, then post a comment or message us!


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