Under The Radar: China has been operating a Robotic Telescope On the Moon – for 18 months!

My latest for Research the Headlines, on some pretty amazing work by Chinese space scientists on the Moon…

It’s not very often that I’m utterly gobsmacked when I read the day’s latest physics and astronomy’s preprint journal articles on the arXiv server. But today I was, thanks to one rather unassuming paper, which hasn’t quite made a splash on the news networks yet.

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Did Scientists Just Discover Life In Space? Probably Not

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here – now that the New Year is well and truly in, I’ll bring you up to speed over the next few weeks with some of the papers I’ve published recently. For now, here’s what I wrote about dubious claims of finding extraterrestrial life at Research the Headlines:

Is Earth the only object in the Universe that can boast biological organisms? This question burns in the minds of astrobiologists, scientists from many disciplines (astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, biology and many more) who investigate how life appeared on Earth, and whether other worlds possess the necessary conditions for life.

When a newspaper like the Daily Express publishes headlines such as “GHOST PARTICLE: The picture proof which shows aliens ARE out there“, you might be forgiven for getting excited, now that we know we are not alone in the Universe. But should we get excited? How does this particle prove the existence of extraterrestrial life?

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