And Finally: Today’s TV Guide

This will be my last post before the festive season.  So until 2010, I heartily recommend that you catch the latest episode of Horizon.  Now, I’m not normally a fan of the series – they have a habit of turning science into relentless melodrama (see their episode about Gamma Ray Bursts to see what I mean – John Shrapnel’s narration only heightens the sense of dizzying hysteria they attempted to evoke).  However, their latest effort rents its credibility from the highest source – the legend that is David Attenborough.  David talks about the problems of human population.  We’re fast approaching 7 billion on the planet – how many more can we handle?  The program is a balanced, yet still jaw-dropping account of how far we are living outside our means.

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!