Oven cleaner is denting the Pride of Feminism

I know I missed the boat on being indignant about this, but I’ll blooming well do it anyway.  British audiences will have been treated to the jocular Oven Pride oven cleaner adverts, which proudly state “So easy, even a man can do it.”  When they first aired in 2009, there was a great deal of discussion about how sexist it was.  While it is clearly

pantomime, slapstick and really silly,

I have to weigh in on this subject (it’s been aggravating me more and more every time I watch it).  It’s clearly a joke, and I understand that, but would it be a joke if you replaced “man” with “woman” or “Jew”? Is it acceptable that political correctness is itself asymmetric, and therefore politically incorrect?

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